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We recently signed a contract with a vendor from the East Coast, who is now developing a Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) web based training module for the HHSC system. When completed, this module will be utilized by all end users as part of their training for CPOE. Having a web based training video will provide us an additional, long-needed solution for training new end users and providing refresher courses for others. We expect to have the training videos available before the 3.4 upgrade in mid November.

On a separate note, Sure Scripts (e –prescribing) went live last month and we have been receiving great feedback. As we move forward, each “go-live” facility will be able to utilize Sure Scripts.

At the same time, I look forward to providing you – through this additional communication median – other project updates as they occur.

Mahalo, Dr Hasan

If you have any questions please give me a call at 808-733-4335.

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EDIS Roadshow Maui 8-14

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The EDIS Emergency Department Information System will go live in all 8 emergency departments next year. The EDIS roadshow will be a presentation and demo for all ED staff. The roadshow begins in Maui region tomorrow. All staff are welcome to attend.

Maui Memorial Medical Center – Tuesday, August 14 (10am – 12pm) in the Auditorium
Kula Hospital – Tuesday, August 14 (3 – 5 pm)


Dr. Hasan

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Budget adjustment for the emerge project

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The HHSC Board of Directors on July 19, approved a $17 million budget adjustment that covers several important project components that were overlooked in prior assessments, including additional costs (over the course of a five-year period) related to the following:

● Wide-area network build out (additional infrastructure) including data communication links between HHSC facilities and the corporate data center located on Oahu;

● The need to upgrade facilities to conform with data center standards such as fire and safety and having appropriate servers available;

● Cabling for wireless access;

● Specific interfaces and related equipment for monitors and other medical equipment;

● Additional staffing needs: 4 nursing positions, chief medical information officer, and pharmacist.

The additional funds are necessary to keep the project moving forward and enable HHSC to meet its “meaningful use” deadlines

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Physician Advisory Group

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HHSC Physician Advisory Group will be meeting tomorrow morning on Oahu at the Leahi in service room from 9-11.
-Currently there are 33 Order sets in workflow with 23 order sets that have been completed and built into Soarian

Maui PAG will be meeting at MMMC on August 10th at 7am

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Siemens Physician Consultant visiting regions

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Dr. Nicholas, the Siemens physician consultant is visiting the regions this week. On Wednesday she will join Dr. Hasan for a visit to Maluhia to meet with the Oahu region’s medical director and EMR coordinator. This will be an opportunity for the Siemens physician consultant and our staff to discuss EMR use at our long term care facilities.

On Friday Dr. Nicholas will visit West Hawaii region with Dr. Hasan to attend the Kona PAG Physicians Advisory Group meeting and attend a “town hall meeting” to meet with hospital staff. The town hall meeting at Kona Hospital will be an opportunity for staff to learn more about Soarian EMR and ask questions.

Dr. Hasan

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EDIS Demo Roadshow

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The EDIS Emergency Department Information System has been underdevelopment to meet the needs of the eight HHSC emergency departments. The ED working group has been busy developing the tracking board and layout of EDIS that will be used at each facility. Beginning in August a “roadshow” will begin at each ED that will provide a summary and demo of what EDIS has to offer. Dr Hasan, DrNiklason and members of the ED working group will visit each hospital and meet with ED staff. The schedule for the EDIS roadshow is provided below.

August 1 (10am- noon): Kahuku (Oahu region)
August 6 3-5 PM Kohala (West Hawaii region)
August 7 10AM- 12PM Kona
August 8 7-9AM KVMH
August 9 7-9AM Samuel Mahelona Hospital (Kauai region)
August 13 11AM-1PM Lanai Community Hospital
August 14 11AM-1PM MMMC (Maui region)
August 14 3-5PM Kula Hospital (Maui region)

You can contact me for any questions rhasan@hhsc.org


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EMR Update Emerge Project

June 21, 2012 Leave a comment

This week the Admission Order set for Long Term Care was completed after valuable input from LTC clinicians from the neighboring islands and the Oahu region medical director.

In the upcoming week 8 order sets will be posted to Zynx view space for end users to develop content and provide input.

On June 25th the following 8 order sets will be placed in review:

ED Emergency department order sets:
ED- Stroke

In Patient Order sets:
Critical Care Admission
Oxytocin/Misoprostol Augmentation- OB

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